Scrolling issue on Android Device

Hi Guys,

I am facing a scrolling issue with the vertical timeline.

I have done some research and read that having the “page-content” div should fix it, but it is not fixing it in my case. I have even added the kitchen-sink vertical timeline page exactly as it is to my app just to test and it is also not working on the android device. Everything is fine on the computer though. Am not getting any error messages either. Just not scrolling on device.

For the code sample, am using the vertical timeline kitchen sink page. Haven’t changed a thing.


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Hi, whats the issue?

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It is not scrolling. All the content is there, but I just cannot scroll down to view it.

hi, just test it on AVD and it works fine. Fresh KS.
So can you share the code or make a jsfiddle with the error?
My test:

Hello, sorry for the delayed response.

On an emulator, it works fine. But when I install it on an actual device, it does not scroll. I have actually installed the kitchen sink on my phone, and the vertical timeline is not scrolling.

ok, will try it on my phone and come back to you. (S8+)