Search-Backdrop not working on tabs

Hello everyone.

I’m new at F7 and couldn’t find anything on my question. So I’m going to ask it here and hope someone replies.

My html is:

And my current problem is that the backdrop is not reacting after any search input.

Funny therefore is. If you have input and delete all of it. The backdrop gets activated.

Has anyone any ideas how to fix this? Where to put page, page-content, searchbar-backdrop classes?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards Max

There sould be only one searchbar-backdrop for one searchbar. Try to put it as a direct child of the page right after the Toolbar. Also you have page-content in page-content, this is not really supported. Remove page-content class from tabs-swipeable-wrap

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Thanks for the reply.

I am sorry for the unclean code. I was testing for 2 hours. I adjusted both points.

Sadly this is not working yet and I am as far as I was 2 hours ago.

Ok. I found the problem. Apparantly the class .searchbar-init stopped this from working.
I removed the class and it is working fine now.