Search List 2000+ items taking 5 sec to load

So I have a list that displays 2000+ items. It takes about 5 seconds for the list to pop up. This is kinda wonky in my book.

This is what the list looks like.

I wonder if there is too much inforation in each row, and the browser is having to work to hard to cache that or something. I am kinda new to F7 and will send any code examples I can here if needed. I was just looking for some tips etc.

Thanks very much

Anyway to either:

a. lazy load the data or
b. paginate?

That is a lot of data to bring in and render in one go if not required.

Do users actually go through 2k list every time?

I think lazy load or pagination won’t work because our users need to search all inventory. I am assuming that F7 only searches what was parsed on the screen. However, if that is not the case please let me know. But you sparked a thought of maybe only showing the users location and then a button which could bring in more data increments if they want a broader search.

Thanks very much for your reply and help!

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You can use a dynamic search where you search DB rather than the list and return the data live that way :slight_smile:

Or filter some array then dynamically display rather than render that many elements

Look the virtual list

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