Searching for Vue Framework7 freelance developper?


We are searching for a Vue Framework7 freelance developer.
We need to develop a Cordova mobile app for a telecommunications operator.
It is an app for video surveillance services in the cloud.

The operator will provide access to a REST API to manage cameras, as well as user authentication/authorization and access to camera video streams and recordings. The backend also handles push notifications and acts as an abstraction layer with the camera APIs.

The source code with all rights of use will be owned by the operator.

We need an intuitive and easy to use APP with a modern design.

  • edit user profile (change password, change contract plan,…)
  • manage cameras, add/modify/delete (To add a camera requires the generation of a QR code that is presented to the camera to register it)
  • view live camera and recordings (catch-up)
  • walkie-talkie mode
  • push notifications (reception and processing only)
  • control the camera motor

The developer will possibly have to manufacture UI components not available, for example Joystick to control the motor, or time bar to visualize the recordings.

It is essential to use the following tools:
-framework7 (

A “BoilerPlate” can be provided to the developer to help the development.

For info

  • backend server developed with laravel and postgresSQL