Sections of App disappears and re-appears on screen

In my App using f7 version 3, when I navigate away from the app from my phone and come back to it, some section of the app disappears and re-appears after 1-2sec. This also happens when I tap the app icon from my phone menu while app is running in background.

What is causing this and how can I stop it. See a video link of this issue attached

Seems like if the app’s hardware acceleration is disabled. Then drawing or refreshing the interface (like after app resume) takes more time. Have you modified such setting in application manifest in the Android folder?

@Tim, Please provide directions on how to do this.

It’s some time ago that I used it to test some graphical issues. But if I remember correctly, there is a setting in AndroidManifest.xml, which can be found in the android platform folder. There was a attribute on the application element I think, something like

<application hardwareAccelerated="true" ... >

Sometimes plugins will (un)intenionally modify such settings. But if you never changed this, it should be enabled by default.