Select day in calendar on ios

my calendar is working perfectly on android or web-browser but on ios i can not select a day before swiping to a different the month. If i try then the calendar-months div disappears (toolbar & header stay visible) until i use the toolbar to change months. could some kind of parent event be triggered and cause this?

i tried it with all the example from the doc and get the same behavior with all. I also tried playing around with z-index because if i change it the calendar is updated but still not visible.

if you have no idea can you tell me how i do a swipe in js as a dirty work araound because nextMonth() does not do the trick?

i am using f7 v7.0.5 but also tried it on 6.3.17 with no difference

I’ve also faced strange behavior but with PhotoBrowser - Swiper with Photobrowser is bugging - #2 by Chupriarti Add the issue on github - PhotoBrowser open() doesn't work with index >= 1 · Issue #4044 · framework7io/framework7 · GitHub
@nolimits4web , is it possible that these problems are related?
I also tried iOS theme and it seems like very unstable with random glitches.

i dont know but it does seam like f7 is loading properties in the wrong squence otherwise a swipe right & back shouldnt clear everything up

i still dont know why it works on some iphones but i solved it by calling calendar.update() after i open popover.