Sending messages programatically

Has anyone tried to access MFMessageComposeViewController from Framework7, to send an SMS programmatically with little or no user interaction, in iOS?

Thank you!

You would need to wrap Framework7 in a Cordova project, and use the plugin

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Thank you @kerrydp!
I’m new to Framework 7. Doesn’t Framework7 use Cordova by default?

Framework7 is a Javascript UI and client backend framework, so yes it can indeed be wrapped in Cordova, or another hybrid development tool like Capacitor or Electron.

The Framework7 CLI tool makes it easy to generate a new project that already has support for Cordova. Alternately you can add Framework7 to any existing Cordova project.

But it doesn’t require Cordova, and Framework7 can be used as a standalone PWA if required.

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