Seo indexing for new website built in framework 7

Hi Team,

Iam using cordova and framework 7 for android and ios(used templates and ajax for plulling remote db data)

Now i want to use same code for building website.want to know how i can make seo friendly urls and google indexing. how i can achieve this.

This is a common question related to SEO of JS/SPA websites. There are for example services like that can prerender your pages (with JS) and respond to search engines crawlers

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Thanks for the reply. can we remove routes and template do some thing where we can load pages individually instead of one page. so it can be easily indexed to search engines.

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Hi @nolimits4web

Can i change my app which is using one main view and individual rout able tabs in it with template tags in each html pages. so i can use urls in address bar when ever i click on any link or tabs the url should be seen in address bar

Thanks for your support.

Hi @nolimits4web any luck so i can make this happen.

Yes, there is a pushState parameter can be enabled on your main view to enable URL navigation

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Thanks for your time

will try this .