Server Side Rendering with router support


I’m trying to get F7 to render on nodejs.

I got it all working except the router.
I can perfectly render any individual Page, but when I try to render a view with an initial url, it comes out blank.

Is there any trick to get this working?

Rendering this on the server comes out as the bare div with none of the content of “/home”, but if I render the home component it renders just fine.

[:> App {:params {:theme @theme
                  :name "Catalogo RJ"
                  :id "com.catalogo.rj"
                  :routes routes
                  :main true}}
   [:> View {:main true
             :className "safe-areas"
             :pushState true
             :pushStateOnLoad false
             :pushStateSeparator ""
             :history true
             :loaditialPage true
             :url "/home"
             :preloadPreviousPage true}]]

This is what I get back:

            <div id="framework7-root" class="framework7-root">
                <div class="safe-areas view view-main"></div>
                <div class="framework7-modals"></div>