Set parameters on a sheet modal that is not dynamically created

I have a sheet modal that I setup in the HTML markup and I call, what is the best way to set certain parameters for this? I want to set closeByOutsideClick: false for this particular sheet but have set closeByOutsideClick: true as my default in my var app = new Framework7()
Is there a HTML class I can set on the sheet-modal element to achieve this rather than calling the app.sheet.create() again?

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Actually, this gives an error : :neutral_face:
TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'app.sheet.get('#route-sheet').params')

Calling initializes it automatically on first open with default params. Otherwise you need to init it manually before open:

  el: '#route-sheet',
  closeByOutsideClick: false,

And when you need to open it:'#route-sheet');

I am new to framework7 II, could you answer me how to pass parameter between 2 pages?
I am doing a crud( page to insert, page for read/select/listing) and now I want to take the result of the pae read to page update containing the data of the page read through an edit button!
How can I do this framework7 II ?
I have already used a .js file with
$$(document.on('page:init, page[data-name=‘form-product’] to form page insert

Thank You