Sheet Modal in Popup - Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'modal.params.animate')

in our project a cart-view will open in popup. This popup uses Sheet Modal to change the supplier. Afterwards we close the sheet by backdrop click and click on another link i.e. /alert/ to navigate in the popup, the popup will be closed. When we open the cart and the sheet again, the backdrop of the sheet seems behind the popup. Every further link produces the error message mentioned above. This effect only appears if we open the sheet before navigation.

Someone has an idea what’s going wrong?


            path: '/cart/',
            //beforeEnter: checkAuth,
            popup: {
                component: CartPage,
                backdrop: false,
                on: {
                    opened: function (popup) {
              '.cart-view', {
                            name: 'cart-view',
                            url: '/cart/',
                            routes: [
                                    path: '/alert/',
                                    name: 'alert-page',
                                    component: CartAlertPage
                                    path: '/supplier/',
                                    sheet: {
                                        component: CartSelectSupplierSheet,
                                        swipeToClose: true,
                                        swipeToStep: false,
                                        closeByOutsideClick: true,
                                        closeByBackdropClick: true,
                                        backdrop: true


    <div class="popup popup-tablet-fullscreen">
        <div class="view cart-view init-view" data-name="cart-view" >


    <div class="sheet-modal change-supplier-sheet" 
         style="height: auto"
        <div class="sheet-modal-inner">

Try to define these routes on root level with paths like /cart/alert/

trying to define /cart/alert/ on root level -> alert link didn’t work

trying to define both routes on root level -> same effect as mentioned above