Sheet-modal not always registering the closing of itsself

Hey developers,

I have a strange situation i’m trying to troubleshoot.

When i close my sheet-modal (wich opened when the user clicked a record in a ‘list media-list’)
the sheet will close, and 95% of the time, my current page refreshes (which is perfect). however. it doesn’t always refresh,

any tips on troubleshooting/improving how i implemented this?

this… is the last problem i have before i can go live…

  <div id="wsteEditSheet" class="sheet-modal" style="height: auto;">
    <div class="toolbar">
      <div class="toolbar-inner">
        <div class="left">
          <a onclick="refreshPage();" class="link sheet-close">Fertig</a>
        <div class="right">
          <a onclick="nextScan();" class="link sheet-close">Nächste scan</a>
    <div class="sheet-modal-inner">
      <div id="wsteEdit" class="block">
        edit sheet
function refreshPage() {
function UpdateUrl(url) {
    //update current route
    mainView.router.navigate(url, {
        reloadCurrent: true

also made it an object

var wsteEditSheet = app.sheet.create({
  el: '#wsteEditSheet.sheet-modal'
  ,on: {
    open: (sheet) => { }
    ,close: (sheet) => { }
wsteEditSheet.backdropEl.onclick = () => {

Why don’t put refresh function into close event in the object ?

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by now i have implemented it in a different way, using the data-sheet attribute in the html element.
this way the close event of the sheet now works again like it’s supposed to.
i wasn’t aware that the sheet buttons had a sheet-close and a sheet-open class, i added this now and it seems to work so far.

thanks for your response ^^ i will keep this post up to date to see wether it actually fixed my problem

one sheet opened another sheet,
i changed this by now, but for example:

function nextScan() {

i might have found the solution to my problem, thanks :slight_smile:

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