Should I link my index.html to cordova.js first or framework.min.js or my-app.js?

At the bottom of , should I first link to cordova.js or framework.min.js or my-app.js file?
“The cordova.js file is the PhoneGap (powered by the open-source Apache Cordova project, hence the name) library and what’s used to specifically access the native device hardware (camera, contacts, GPS etc) from JavaScript in our PhoneGap apps. Including this file reference ensures the Cordova APIs have access to those features and are available.”

Order of the scripts should be the following:

<script src="cordova.js"></script>
<script src="pah/to/framework7.js"></script>
<script src="pah/to/my-app.js"></script>

Cordova must be always the first

where is the location of the files? should we put it on www folder?

No, we don’t.
Just write cordova.js even though it isn’t in the same directory of index html, PhoneGap does its own business with cordova js by itself during the runtime.

yeah just know about that, sorry and thanks for your reply.