Side panels - make them to close, but not fully

Hello all
Does anyone know is it possible to make a side panels always visible, but never fully closed?

Let me explain:

  1. Now: Left panel closed occupies: 0px; left panel opened occupies f.e. 240px.

But I want:
Left panel closed occupies for example 80px; left panel opened occupies f.e. 240px. Reveal, not overlay.


  1. Right panel opened occupies 90% of the screen, closed occupies 60% of the screen. Overlay.

The example:, Mini drawer always visible. We tried with this, but it seems does not work on Android app.

Thank you

You just need to tweak styles. Here is an example in less for left reveal panel:

@media (min-width: 568px) {
  .panel.panel-left {
    display: block;
    ~ .view {
      margin-left: 80px; 
  html.with-panel-left-reveal .framework7-root > .view {
    transform: translate3d(260px - 80px, 0, 0)