Simple route not working

I have the following route:

But when i try to open /questionnary/5 i get a big fat ‘cannot get questionnary/5’

What’s obvious that i am missing here ?


routes = [{
path: '/',
url: './index.html',

path: ‘/questionnary/:id/’,

on: {
  pageAfterIn: function (e, page) {
    // do something after page gets into the view
  pageInit: function (e, page) {
    // do something when page initialized
async: function (routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {
  // Router instance
  var router = this;
  // App instance
  var app =;
  // Show Preloader;
  // User ID from request
  var userId = routeTo.params.userId;

  // Hide Preloader

  var stuff;
  $.get('./pages/dummy.html', function (response) {
    p1 = response;
    // Resolve route to load page
      componentUrl: './pages/questionnary.html',
    }, {
      context: {
        title: "Title Here",
        id: $,
        tab1: p1,
        tab2: p1,
        tab3: p1,


You are using v2, right? Pay attention to trailing slash in the path, must be the same on link href

Yes V2. Tried trailing slash, no success.

The links is : <li><a class="external" href="/questionnary/{{idEnquete}}/">{{title}}</a></li>

Remove “external” class from link

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duh, that was it ! Thanks !