Slow-down displaying in panel between V3 and V4?

Hello !

On iOS, the panel (open only in cover effect) is much less fluid in version 4 than version 3. Am I the only one to see it?
Visible with the kitchen-sink since safari with iOS 12.2.
You can see a 15% slow screen record. When left panel is open (with cover effect), content of page is hidden for some miliseconde.
And in right panel, no problem of displaying page.
Do you have an idea!? I haven’t this problem in V3.
Tanks a lot for your help !

It is probably something that I am doing wrong but I just finished an app migration from V3 to V4 and I am seeing significant difference in performance between the two. V4 is much slower and drains the phone battery. The energy report in Xcode shows high average energy impact. Does anyone else experience the same?

Вы используете wkwebview?

Thank you!
wkwebview solved my problem . Performance is much better. Phone is still heating up but that might be a different problem. I am using the Ionic wkwebview plug-in