Slow style calculations at start up

Here is the video:

I have preloaded style, but still same problem!

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Any idea?? How to solve this?

You have the same behavior here: ?

Are you loading the CSSS/JS from a CDN?

Well, by cli, i created an app and just removed splashscreen 2s timeout from cordova js file for faster start up, but as you see style is not working properly.

Its local, not from cdn

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Even in normal development after every save and webpack hot reloading this is quite obvious and not only particular to app view.

What does Cordova have to do with it? I gave a link

I’ve tested that link and there were no problems…

Then change your code step by step and find the reason.

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If app built with webpack in development mode then you will such issue because it loads styles dynamically. And i recommend to enable splash screen with at least some small delay to be sure styles are loaded

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