Smart select and some features not work

Dear all , hi
i have create Framework project
(framework7 core and select web - without bundle)

and i have try to test smart select
but does not show as will must be .

If you use f7 core you must import the components manually.

// Import core framework
import Framework7 from ‘framework7’;

// Import additional components
import Searchbar from ‘framework7/components/searchbar/searchbar.js’;
import Calendar from ‘framework7/components/calendar/calendar.js’;
import Popup from ‘framework7/components/popup/popup.js’;

// Install F7 Components using .use() method on class:
Framework7.use([Searchbar, Calendar, Popup]);

is wokring i was forget to add < list > < ul >

Ok. So you are not using core f7 then.
Good it works

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