Smart select default selected value doesn't appear until clicked

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I have noticed that the selected value doesn’t appear in “item-after” until clicked. Here is my code:

    <a class="item-link smart-select smart-select-init" data-open-in="popover">
        <select name="lang">
            <option value="english">English</option>
            <option value="arabic" selected>Arabic</option>
        <div class="item-content">
            <div class="item-inner">
                <div class="item-title">اللغة</div>

Here is a gif of what happens:

It works in every examples (Smart select | Framework7 Documentation) and in Kitchen Sink, so it would be good to see live example How to ask a good question on forum

Actually, I could replicate that issue. It works fine else where. Any advice?

Now I have the same problem. how did you solved ?

I copied the kitchen sink example exactly as is, and have the same issue, the selection appears after click for select it

the work around found was put manually the selected value in the item-after section
div class=“item-after”>Honda

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