Smart Select error with icon

I’m trying to insert icons inside a smart select, taking the name from here

I added the data-option-icon attribute to the option tag, but it’s not working

this is debugging

  • You sure you are using latest version of Framework7?

where can i see it? that I don’t remember

Have no idea. This feature available from 5.7.0

there is no way to see my version ??
images work for example

To see the version of Framework7 that you are using in your project, just look at the first few lines of the framework7.js file. The version number will be displayed.

I just saw that my version is 3.6.5, to be able to update it what can I refer to?

If you had the ability, I’d upgrade to the latest version, but you may find it easier to just install a new project and re-add your code. Check out Installation | Framework7 Documentation for options.