Smart select in popover

f7-core => v6.3.3

  openIn: 'popover',
  scrollToSelectedItem: true


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of null
at SmartSelect2.scrollToSelectedItem (smart-select-class.js:636)


var $selectedItemEl = $containerEl.find('input:checked').parents('li');
if (!$selectedItemEl.length) return ss;
var $pageContentEl = $containerEl.find('.page-content');
  $selectedItemEl.offset().top - 
  $pageContentEl.offset().top - 
  parseInt($pageContentEl.css('padding-top'), 10)

the error comes from $pageContentEl.offset().top
popover of smart-select doesn’t have page-content

the error occurs only if there is a selected value
(if (!$selectedItemEl.length) return ss;)

Thanks, should be fixed in next update

thank you
thank you