Smart Select Wrong Animation on Click in IOS

I’m using the material theme for an ios app. I have 2 smart select elements that function normally in Firefox and Safari. However, on ios simulators they have an extra animation when clicked - an expanding circle that creates an extra pause before the select menu appears. Additionally, the 2nd of the two smart selects shows an animation over the 1st element when clicked. Please see the gif here for example:

I’d like to disable this expanding circle animation all together as it just slows the user experience down.


  • Erik

Found these 2 app parameters which solve this for me:
touch: {
fastClicks: true,
mdTouchRipple: false

Sorry, thought I had searched thoroughly for an answer. Still strange that on was rippling over the other, but not a problem if they’re just disabled.

FastClick не нужно включать, это уже лишнее, в v4 он отключен по умолчанию. Если это баг, локализуйте проблему.