Smart Select's list put image inside <option>

I want to put image or icon as flag of country inside smart select, but it’s not even render my html code in there nor my css.

<f7-list id="country1_list">
              <f7-list-item id="country1_list_item" title=" " smart-select :smart-select-params="{openIn: 'popup', searchbar: true, searchbarPlaceholder: 'Search...',appendSearchbarNotFound	:true}">
                <select name="country1" v-model="flag1" id="country1_list_item_select">
                  <option value selected disabled></option>
                   <option v-for="(item , index) in country1" :value="index" :key="index">
                     <img :src="" alt="">

Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot. It works