Smooth "swiper.slideTo"

I have a swiper with about 300 slides. Sometimes my user requieres that slides dont have a sequental order, therefore moving to the next Slide, or moving to previous Slide are not usefull in this scenario. Instead, he needs to move dinamically to random slides, for example from Slide 3 to Slide 200, from Slide 300 to slide 10, etc.

The problem is that when I use “swiper.slideTo(” the App shows all pages in beetween, displaying one by one (transition animation), before presenting the target Slide.

Is there a way to call swiper.slideTo( argument ) and animate just 2 slides, the FROM Slide and the TO Slide.

Is it clear my requiriment?

You’d be better to just have about five slides, and dynamically redraw the content of the slide while it is off-screen.

There’s no benefit in having 299 slides off-screen. You’re just eating memory.

Keep a slide off-screen, and when you need to move to the slide you want (eg ‘slide 298’), just use code to fill the hidden slide with the content from #298 and then slide it into view.