[solved] About ** to math.pow again

I asked this question before. ** is not compatible with some browsers (eg. safari in iOS 10). I tried many times and ways, to make it transformed to math.pow with webpack, but didn’t find a solution.

transform-exponentiation-operator with official f7 vue webpack template, doesn’t work.
transpileDependencies in vue.config.js (vue-cli template), no luck.

Problem is only those ** in src folder will be transform, those under node_modules, not.

Maybe there’s something that i missed, or maybe there’s no solution at all?

If anyone knows the solution, could you please tell me how to do that? Many many thanks.

And if there’s no solution for it, is it OK for f7 official repo to change to math.pow instead of ** ?

Did you try latest version of F7-Vue-Webpack repo with webpack 4? Does it have same problem?

Hi @nolimits4web, the new template it works fine now. Sorry that I didn’t notice there’s a new version there.