[SOLVED] App crashes when open link in external browser


I’m opening link with js:
window.open(link, '_system');

It works fine but app gives this error and stop working, unless you close and open it again.

Any idea about this error? :confused:


You can add more details?


I’m using cordova-plugin-inappbrowser 1.7.2 maybe this can help.

As I said, the link opens normally in browser but the app gives this error.

Hey @Gabriel

Ok, but it seems that the error is in Template7, what data do you bring from that url?

I do not understand that the error is generated when you open a link, when I see in the console is an error when compiling the template

The html is: <a href="http://website.com.br/loja" class="link link-browser">Test</a>

I use this link-browser class just to open it with javascript: window.open(link, '_system');

I don’t get any data from it.


Use “external” class

Tell me if your question is resolved :slight_smile:


Thanks! Now it’s working!