[SOLVED] App Request with promises

Hello and goodmorning everyone,
I am pretty sorry for the dummy question but actually, after a lot of tries, i cannot get to make a simple ajax request to work within a promise.
With something like that I have no problems at all:
app.request.post(serverRestApi, requestURL, function (data) {

but when I need to make the same request with:
app.request.promise.post(‘auth.php’, { username:‘foo’, password: ‘bar’ })
.then(function (data) {


I get the following warning: “Cannot read property ‘post’ of undefined”.
Same thing happen with GET.

So the question is pretty simple… what I am doing wrong? I am using Framework7 3.0.0 without Vue/React.
Thank you in advance for any help and sorry for my bad english XD

Ok just discovered why and switched to version 4 without any problem :slight_smile:
Sorry again for the dummy question… I was pretty sure the code was valid for version 3 too.
Have a nice day