SOLVED - Best way to display a pdf, magazine style?

Has anybody worked with pdfs, where you can swipe the pdfs left and right, like a magazine?
Im building my apps with, so is there any good plugins, anybody know?
I want it to work on both iOS and Android.
Any input really appreciated, thanks!

I found and it works really good! So this is solved!

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Have you tested it on iPhone? Does it works good? Thanks in advance.

Luis, you can have a look at and select, the middle tab and log in with “magasin” and “test” to see the flowpaper in action. Let me know how it works on your phone? If it loads fast etc. On the computer I load it in an iframe and in the real app I load it with inappbrowser, since it gets to heavy to load it in an iframe in an app, at lease in my old iPhone 4S.
If you have an Android you can download the app if you surf to
This will open the magasin in the inappbrowser.
Let me know what you think.