[SOLVED] Calender with event dots and event list underneat example anywhere?

I wonder if there is any example of a calender with event dots and that displays the events underneat the calender and that you can add events to is as well?


Here in KS https://github.com/framework7io/framework7/blob/master/kitchen-sink/core/pages/calendar-page.html

Thanks a lot Vladimir!

Hi Vladimir, I finally got the time to test this.
It loads the page but the css is wrong and it is not displaying the calendar as it should.
Im using version2, is this only for version3 maybe?
Or is there a version for v2?

Yes, it is only for version 3

Ok, thanks. I guess I just have to go over to v3 now, I guess there is not much I have to do to get it working? Im using v2 now.

No, not supported on v2