[SOLVED] Calling Web Service Works In Web, Not Android APK

When I put the app developed in Framework7 onto my website as html/css/javascript, and I call REST Web services on my server - works great.

When I use Cordova and build an APK, the call is not reaching my server.

EDIT: Another problem upstream. Ignore for now. thx.

I’m using PouchDB. Was loading from a CDN.
It failed to start in an APK but does start ok when on a web server.
Wasn’t wrapped in a TRY.

Now it’s wrapped in a TRY. :hugs:
Was using a CDN. Now, downloaded and included as a local .js in the project.
Set the PouchDB to always use websql : this.pouch = new PouchDB(‘websql://MyDatabase’);

Problem solved. Doing another round of testing.