[SOLVED] Can I check if previous page in history = page-name="shop"?

On my back link I would like to check if previous page is the start page with page-name=“shop”.
If it is then I would like to add data-force=“true” and data-reload=“true” to is, otherwise I would like to just slide back in history as normal. Is this possible?

It’s posibble. There are many different solutons: router, events, page events, async, router beforeEnter and many other.

You need to add custom click handler to “back” link and remove “back” class from it, and use router API. To know previous page name from current one:

var prevPageName = page.$el.prev('.page').attr('data-name');

Thanks Vladimir, yes I got it working so I can go back to the page I want, depending on the previous page.