[SOLVED] Change color theme during runtime?

I understand how to use the color themes in my html, but looking at the example located here:


How can I dynamically change themes (color themes [red, yellow, blue, etc] and layout themes [light or dark] during the app running like the sample shows?

Got it working by using javascript to add/remove a class on button click.

Excuse me, can you show the code please? I am experiencing the same thing

The code should also be in the Kitchen Sink example as well, but generally speaking, you can add a class to body for example using JavaScript or simply using Dom7:

$$ = Dom7;
$$('body').addClass('theme-dark color-theme-pink');  // Dark pink theme

Is it placed on the index.html ? or other?

This is JavaScript; you can place it in your HTML file inside a <script></script> tag, or your own .js file, where you, for example, initialize F7, etc.