[SOLVED] Click function Dom7 gives me error on iOS devices


I have a weird issue. In the Phonegap desktop it all works fine, but if I export it to the iOS application I get a white screen. I found out that it’s because I get the following error:

Anyone an idea? I got it defined with

var $$ = Dom7;

Weird thing is, when I change it to the jQuery, One $ instead of 2 it works. Did something change in the Dom7 for V2?

What I find interesting is that in the browser it works but on iOS it does not.

EDIT: Error came up because of another Javascript plugin that didn’t went well.

Hi I’d advice you to hook up the iPad to the Macbook and check wat the developer window says. I tracked it down to a non working plugin I added, it’s probably faulty javascript code what causes this.

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