[SOLVED] Css only: not visitible

Hi, I’m doing my fr7. I notice that if I just use css, it is not visible.

I have to use .js. Why does it not work in css only mode?
Is there a work around?


Because first of all, F7 is JS framework too. Try to add “framework7-root” class to main app element

Thx, that worked. Can you help me with another question related to swiper in F7? I think CSS.
(I’m creating an Open Source F7 CMS viewer so I’m going over your examples, I may add Vue like you)
I started by creating a layout/template, it is here:

It has a swiper in F7 (each swiper slide has 3 cards). But when I resize the window a bit, the slide does not resize when in F7 page. (I tested swiper without F7 and it works).

How can I fix my F7 layout/template so that when I resize the swiper container does as well? Help?

The html is this one (the only one):

What I need is swiper to work in F7 ‘page/view’ like it works in browser. Shall I make a video to show you that it does not center?

I fixed it using calc()