[SOLVED] Data Table explanation

I would like to know exactly what I can do with the F7 Data Table, I am used to DataTables.net, where I can pass datasets, create filters, sort among other features. as would be the implementation of datasets, or there is still this in F7, following the documentation I could not find anything in that sense.
With DataTables.net I have problems on IOS / Android devices, but I managed to get around all of them, even in relation to performance. But I do not want to have to use JQuery in the projects, and as a result, DataTables.net will not meet the needs in this case.
Could you clarify more about this?
Thank’s @nolimits4web

Right now, it doesn’t do much. Right now it just provides required visuals, while any sorting, filtering and other logic should be implemented manually based on your requirements

Okay, we can not expect anything from him then, only visual for now, but I believe that this will be implemented in the near future.
Thank you!

Any update regarding this, or is the “filter” input in the data-table still purely visual?


I found a problem when implementing DataTable.net on my html page using framework7, I read your question, you can implement DataTable.net, can you help me in solving my problem?

@ CesarBalzer

What was the problem you had, I implemented datatables.net in my app, but that was a long time ago, detail the problem better and put the code snippet in some gist, pastebin, repl.it so you can give it a boost

Check my code, here pastebin.com/7mc3u6Xm

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 02.38.32

You cannot call document.ready within f7.
Here is the example of how I use it, with the index structure and the calls, remembering that this was in v4.


It was very good, after I tried it, it worked. thank you for helping me.