[SOLVED] Difference between Views as tabs and Routable Tabs

i am developing an app with the classic tabs layout.
My starting point would be to use routable tabs, which should fit my purpose of “navigating” (routing) to a specific tab on a specific event (eg. the user clicking a tabbar element).

A possible alternative should be views used as tabs.
Under the #views-as-tabs documentation, it is reported:

Why single Tab could not be a seprate View with its own navigation and layout? It can, so you can just switch Views as tabs. In this case we will have kind of Tabbed app structure, where each tab represents separate View

So my questions are:

  • what’s the difference between the two practices? is it just having a global/local routing and layouting? is there something else i’m missing?
  • are the two practices interchangeable ? meaning, can i do the same things with both? (obviously adjusting the routing/layouting)

thanks in advance for any reply

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Views as tabs is different. Each view is a separate Router, means can have full set of unique routes. Views as Tabs can’t be routable - means the View itself can’t be loaded (opened) by link or loaded from somewhere.

i decided to use views as tabs to separate the routing between each tab.
I am renaming the thread as “solved”, thanks, have a nice day.

for future reference, here’s the final setup of my app.vue component:

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Hello, please, I have a similar problem, I try to open a page in another view, the page opens but it does not open in another view but in the current view.

So if I understand correctly, we can’t open a page in another view thanks to a link that is on another page? AND how to do, for example, I have a links on the home page of the main view and I want the links to open a page in another view. I use views as tabs. Thanks