[SOLVED] Disappare elemnts in android webview [v1]

hi all , first thank you about f7 :hugs:

my problem : i designed a app with f7 [v1.65] and work nicely.

but some times when i open a page the page content and elements disappeared!! , and then when click on the any of disappeared elements appear .

you can see in video :

anyone can explain what is problee ? if you need any details , i send it .

thank all.

Looks like some rendering issue. I will suggest:

  • Use MD theme for Android
  • Use Crosswalk webview for Android cordova app

Thank you :tulip: , but i don’t use cordava ,use Android native

in v1.6.5 we haven’t md theme !?

If you pay attention to video see that Navbar don’t disappeared

i think the problem is load page content with ajax , anyone have idea?

In v1 there is a Material theme
Try to see in chrome dev tools inspector what is happening there

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