[SOLVED] Doubt panel (panel -left)

Hello friends, I’m a little lost …

I would like the menu to be available or created only on the page /dashboard/

What would be the best way to do this?

submit in /dashboard/


you can try enable and disable panel in the pages to your need

app.panel.enableSwipe(side)- enable swipes for panel (swipe-to-close and swipe-to-open)
side - string. Panel to enable swipe actions on (left/right)

app.panel.disableSwipe(side)- disable swipes for panel (swipe-to-close and swipe-to-open)
side - string. Panel to disable swipe actions on (left/right)

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I deactivated it, but I would like it to be created when starting the page / dashboard /

Look it.

when I enter e: / dashboard /

I would like that

app.panel.create ({
}) // I do not know the syntax nor how to add elements within that panel.create.

Ok, so to use panel.create, you need to add the panel HTML after app initialization. As docs says.
page init:

    path: '/about/',
    on: {
      pageInit: function(p) {
        let vm = this.app
    <div class="panel panel-right panel-cover" id='myRightPanel'>
      <div class="content-block">
        <p><a href="#" class="panel-close">Close me</a></p>
        <p><a href="#" data-panel="left" class="panel-open">Open Left Panel</a></p>
        let _panel = Dom7('#myRightPanel')
          el: _panel,
          side: 'right',
          effect: 'cover'

But i dont think this is a good solution, you need to remove your panel page:beforeremove. if not you will prepend a panel each time you enter your page.


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MUITO OBRIGADO! @pvtallulah :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Deu certinho para o meu caso.

Thank you very much @pvtallulah!!!

worked for my case

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