[SOLVED] ES Module Bundle With F7 Core

Hello team,
Happy new year!

How can I use ES Modules Without VueJS?

I would like to use Webpack and my normal core f7 components. Reason for this is, I used ES6 code, arrow functions and promises in my core components but realized that my app doesnt work on old androids forexample.

I now would like to configure weback + babel and use ES Module but in my core f7 App with several components.

What I am not sure about is how to import all these in routes, bundle which ones, etc…

Forexample: about.html is a component, how do I import it in routes.js?

In Vue, It could have been

import About from './pages/about.vue';

Any ideas for me? I am quite under some pressure but I cant seam to pull it off as fast… Kindly help me… Thanks

hello… @pvtallulah, think you could help me on this bro?

Need a quick fix, there is a couple of features I wanna include in the later version… It is then that I am considering to use:
F7 Vue… It is quite a big app… Restructuring it right now is no option…at the moment.

There is already working template for this https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-template-webpack


@nolimits4web… Awesome, thanks so much!!! You are a gem…

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