[SOLVED] F7 Vue conditional class on asynch condition

Hi, i’m trying to enable/disable a Tab Link depending on a certain condition, ex:

<f7-link :class="{ disabled: users.length === 0 }" tab-link="#tab-users">Users</f7-link>

also tried


but it looks like it watches only for the initial state… (‘users.length’ will change after a rest call) and never updates. ex:

users = []; //link disabled
setTimeout(function() {
  users.push("Jack"); //still disabled here <--
}, 2000);

Am i missin anything? Thanks

users must be specified in component data()

yes, it is…

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      users: [],

and it works if i put elements on it… it doesn’t when elements are loaded asynchronously (just like in the example above)

Show the full code of the page/component

aehm, it’s actually working… (maybe i had something in cache or whatever)
sorry, my bad! thanks