[SOLVED] F7-Vue v3, help to understand

Hi, learning vue. there is a code:

    <f7-list accordion-list>
      <f7-list-item accordion-item v-for="item in supers" :title="item" :after="item">
        <f7-accordion-content>Content {{item}} </f7-accordion-content>

is displayed: title=“item” :after=“item” , but the code Content {{item}} is not displayed.
what could be?

Code looks correct, issue could be somewhere else, would be good to see JSFiddle with the issue


var supers = [‘foo’, ‘do’, ‘ret’];
var app = new Framework7({
root: ‘#app2’,
name: ‘My App2’,
id: ‘com.myapp.test2’,
panel: {
swipe: ‘left’
routes: []
new Vue({
el: ‘#app’,
data() {
return {
f7params: {
routes: [],
name: ‘My App’,
id: ‘com.myapp.test’
methods: {}

Start from one of ready to use F7-Vue templates http://framework7.io/templates/

And in F7-Vue you shouldn’t call new Framework7 it is already called by f7-app component

Владимир, не было времени, занят был, но сегодня разобрался, вне проектов делал админку для простого сайта. Ну и решил применить F7+vue. Серверная часть на node вкупе с hbs, отправлял html через render, вот hbs и рендерил {{ }} по своему. Убрал hbs и все заработало. )))

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