[SOLVED] Form submit is not working in IE 11

I have a form that submits and work in all browsers and mobiles but not in IE11. You can find it here https://www.manmade.se/dumpen/ just click on the “Sök” button on the top right and it will submit and make a search in the db, displaying the right products.

But if I try in IE 11 then it is not submitting the form and I think it is something with IE11 and the select.index somehow. It can´t read the select values somehow.
I think this is not working in IE11 ?----$$(document).find('select[id=ort]').val()

This is my search form submitting code.

$$( "#sokprodukter" ).submit(function( event ) {	
		var soktexten =$$(document).find('input[id=soktexten]').val()
		var kategori =$$(document).find('select[id=kategori]').val()
	        var lan =$$(document).find('select[id=lan]').val()
		var ort =$$(document).find('select[id=ort]').val()
		var array = ort.split(",");
	    method: 'GET',
	    url: 'shop/produkter.asp',
	    data: {
		  soktexten : soktexten,
		  kategori : kategori,
		  lan : lan,
		  ort : ort
	   success: function (data) {
		  mainView.router.navigate("/produkter/?lan="+lan+"&ort="+ort+"&kategori="+kategori+"&soktexten="+soktexten+"&produkt_id=", {ignoreCache: true, reloadCurrent:true, force:true});
		  setTimeout(function () {
		  }, 200);
		return false;

Any input reallllly appreciated, thanks!

Could be a IE 11 issue by not supporting something, check the browser console, maybe there are some errors. Otherwise https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1539032/getting-the-value-of-a-select-box-in-internet-explorer

Thanks Vladimir, I finally got it working.