[SOLVED] Framework 7 Vue v3.0 know when page is loaded, how to?


Is there a way to check when the page is shown / loaded? Like when I click on a back button or navigate back to a page

there are a few events that I see, but none of them get triggered on back button page when the new page is loaded

  beforeCreate?(this: V): void;
  created?(): void;
  beforeDestroy?(): void;
  destroyed?(): void;
  beforeMount?(): void;
  mounted?(): void;
  beforeUpdate?(): void;
  updated?(): void;
  activated?(): void;
  deactivated?(): void;

Any ideas?

  <f7-page @page:beforein="onPageBeforeIn">...</f7-page>
  export default {
    methods: {
      onPageBeforeIn() {
        // page will go into the view
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That seems to work.

Thank you.