[SOLVED] Framework Calendar issue


I tried using Calendar component in Framework 7 version 2, but was not able to get calendar prompt. May I know what is the issue

Here is my code in app.js
// Dom7
var $$ = Dom7;

// Framework7 App main instance
var app = new Framework7({
root: ‘#app’, // App root element
id: ‘io.framework7.testapp’, // App bundle ID
name: ‘Framework7’, // App name
theme: ‘auto’,
calendar: {
url: ‘calendar/’,
dateFormat: ‘dd.mm.yyyy’,
} // Automatic theme detection

This is my code in HTML Page

Default setup

var calendarDefault = app.calendar.create({
inputEl: ‘#demo-calendar-default’,

May i know what is the issue. Have attached the console error

Looks like you don’t have initialized views or doesn’t have main view in the app. In this case you must disable routableModals calendar parameter by setting “routableModals: false”

Thank you now its working :slight_smile: