[SOLVED] Generate FrameWork7 Vue Custom build

Hi I am trying to change the colors being used in the library so trying to do a custom build.

I have been using the “framework7-template-vue-webpack” and it comes with the following npm run commands:

  1. build-dev
  2. build-prod
  3. dev
  4. prod
    There are 3 more commands but those dont seem relevant.

I followed the instructions found here - https://framework7.io/docs/custom-build.html
In my my-config.js file I have changed the color of
md: {
themeColor: ‘#333333’, (GREY)
colors: { blue: ‘#333333’…(GREY)
just to test if the custom build is working or not.

I tried running
npm run build-prod -– --config ./scripts/my-config.js --output ./www2
=> But there is no change in the site color and the output folder is still www instead of www2. It seems my config is not being used at all.

Can someone tell me how to do a custom build in the “framework7-template-vue-webpack”? Thanks.

Just test it. and it works fine to me.

npm run build-core:prod -- --config scripts/pvtallulah-config.js --output www2


Thanks for the reply @pvtallulah