[SOLVED] How to add the required attribute to the Radio component?

If i add the required attribute to the Radio component it gets filtered, is there a way to add it to the rendered html5 input field?

Валидация не работает с radio и checked компонентами. Я про это: https://framework7.io/docs/inputs.html#validation

Sorry i don’t understand russian but <Radio> is not an Input component it seems it does not have validate/required in the source at all.

Solved: in the source code the Radio component does not inherith properties :frowning: You have to write plain html or create another component yourself:

						<label className="item-radio item-content item-input">
							<div className="item-inner">
								<div className="item-title item-label">Name</div>
								<div className="item-input-wrap">
									<input type="radio" name="my-radio" value="radio-1" validate required/>
									<i className="icon icon-radio"></i>