[Solved] How to build F7 app for Android

Hello, I have been trying to build my F7 app for Android but the commands seems not to be working.

I created the project using: framework7 create

I selected the option to create using Cordova.

When I run: framework7 cordova build android

I get it this as response:

  -V, --version                     output the version number
  -h, --help                        display help for command

  create [options]                  Create a new Framework7 project
  assets|generate-assets [options]  Generate Framework7 app icons and splash screens
  help [command]                    display help for command

 Unknown command cordova,build,android

I also tried npm run build-cordova-android and cordova build android but none worked.

I tried creating a project with: framework7 create --ui and it worked but anytime a project is created without the UI web client, it doesn’t create the F7 app with Cordova.