[solved]How to find data-id where data-id eq to a data-id?

Im trying to find a specific data-id and set a css style based on a specific data-id.

Im getting the data-id with this:

var mote_id = $$(this).attr('data-id');

And Im trying to set the css later by finding the correct data-id with this. But it is not working.

$$(page.el).find('button .bokatiden[data-id='+mote_id+']').css("display","none");

So lets say that mote_id=5.
How can I set the css on the button with class=“bokatiden” with data-id=5?

I have tested so many things but nothing works so any input really appreciated, thanks!

'button .bokatiden[data-id="'+mote_id+'"]'

plpl, thank you soo much.

This worked.