[SOLVED] How to get selected value of radio button group?

I have a radio button group in a f7-list as below and I want to get selected radio information

f7-list-item(:key='1', radio='', name='my-radio', :checked='1 === 1', :value='1', :title="'English'")
f7-list-item(:key='2', radio='', name='my-radio', :checked='2 === 1', :value='2', :title="'French'")

and I tr’ed to get selected value as th’s

    saveLanguageSetting:function() {
  let selectedValue = formLanguage.value


or should I use something like this ?If so what should I wr’te as id ?

let myValue = document.getElementById(??).checked

Document lists 's Checkboxes & Radios specific properties, how can I access them ? when I debug on this.$7, I dont see radio or f7-list-view under this.$7, then what should I do ?

I tried this but no help

var isChecked = this.$f7.find('input[name=my-radio2]').prop('checked');

or this dont work

var isChecked = this.$f7.input.my-radio2.checked

some older post provide a solution like this but I dont know how to do it with vue and f7 vue

$$('input[type="radio"]').on('change click', function(ev){

This are not doing like that in Vue-world. This is the more correct way:

  <!-- ... -->
      :checked="language === 'en'"
      @change="(e) => { if (e.target.checked) language = 'en' }"
      :checked="language === 'fr'"
      @change="(e) => { if (e.target.checked) language = 'fr' }"
  <!-- ... -->
export default {
  data() {
    return {
      language: 'en',
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Thanks, I noticed that in docs lately

Meanwhile I found something strange in f7 vue docs for radio

first it starts with <f7-list-item radio

but then suddenly switches to <f7-radio, what is the point of it ? We can use both of them and no difference ?

whats the difference between these two ?

f7-list-item radio



Actually I was asking something on that page, I wonder whether there is any difference between two usage

But you can see it in example. First one is lost item with radio button to be used in lists. Second one just creates separate radio element

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