[SOLVED] How to set panel theme

I have set panel to be dark

<div class=“panel panel-right panel-cover theme-dark”>

but it still white color.


Use code:

<html class="theme-dark">

More info - https://framework7.io/docs/color-themes.html

did not work. Panel still white.

У вас где-то ошибка. В kitchen добавьте класс theme-dark к panel и она станет темной.

theme-dark works for page and other elements like list, but not for panel.

Запустите kitchen в Chrome, нажмите F12 и просто добавьте класс к panel и вуаля, панель станет темной. Поэтому ошибка где-то у вас.

Yes, it work there, But not here
and I don’t know what error can be.

i include 2 div’s inside in panel
<div class=“view view-init view-right” name=“right” data-url="/">

<div class=“page page-current”>

and it works now.
Thanks shastox

View создавать необязательно

I’m having the same issue, I applied theme-dark to everything and it’s not affecting the panel. With this link also not working: http://framework7.io/docs-demos/core/panel.html